Picasso-Bubble Printing

This week for Picasso, we learnt about pet-fishes. There are many different kinds of fishes that we can keep as a pet. We learnt that fish can only live in water. When we keep them as pets, we need to take care of them by feeding them, cleaning their tank and also giving them air to breathe.

Teacher then gave us fish templates which we cut during manipulative.  She said we are going to learn a new art technique. We wondered what art technique it was! We were going to try bubble printing!

We first practice exhaling air out of our mouth by placing our hands in front of our mouth. When we blow the air out, we must feel it on our hands. Then, we used straws to practice. We exhale the air out using the straws.

Now we are ready for bubble printing! We mix water, soap and food colourings to create coloured bubble solutions. We need exhale through the straws into the solution. When we do so, large bubbles form up and we pressed our fish templates against the bubble. We saw beautiful bubble prints on our templates!

We did the activity one by one, as it needed close supervision from our teacher. Some of us were a little hesitant to try out the technique as we did not want to inhale and drink the solution. However, our peers and teacher motivated and encouraged us! With perseverance and confidence we overcame our fear and enjoyed the process!

Some of us required help from our peers. Our peers were really helpful, by helping us to hold the paper and reminding us not to drink the solution.

Through this activity we fostered self-confidence, mouth muscle control, cooperation, sense of wonder and curiosity, environmental awareness and language.

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Picasso – Marble Roll Printing!

This week we are learning about pets. We were introduced to the different pets such as fish, dog, cat, hamster and rabbit. During Picasso session, we talked about how rabbits move, what they eat and their appearance. Rabbits are very flurry and they come in different colours like brown, black, brown or sometimes a mix of these colours!

We started exploring with marbles too . The marble was round in shape and had colours inside. It made a loud sound when we bounced it against the table. It was heavy too!

We were going to do Marble Roll Printing. We did not know how it was done but it sounded interesting! We had place our rabbit template into a container/tray, dip the marbles into the paint and roll the marble inside the container/tray by tilting (for tray) and shaking(for container). It was fascinating to see the lines created as the marble rolled from one corner to another.

It was a little challenging for us too, as the marble kept getting stuck into the hallow space in the tray. We persevered and create beautiful rabbits!

This activity helps us foster eye-hand coordination, interest in aesthetic expression and environmental awareness!

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Shakespeare- Uppy Umbrella

Dear Parents,

This week children were introduced to lower case letter ‘u’. They brainstormed about the things that starts with letter ‘u’ such as underwear, umbrella, unicorn, unicycle and up.

They also sang the Letterland song , Uppy Umbrella which introduced them the phonemic sound of letter ‘u’.

To reinforce their learning, children drew three things that starts with letter ‘u’ . After drawing, teacher assisted in writing the words that they drew and children traced them out using markers.

This activity helps to promote literacy skills, writing skills, and eye-hand coordination.

In the coming weeks, children will be involved in other activities that will foster their letter recognition skills.

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Block Play- More and Less

Dear Parents,

This week children were engaged in an activity that reinforces more/less concept during blocks session.

First they were split up into 2 groups (more and less) and they compared the quantity between the two groups. It gave them a better understanding of what the concept is about.

They then proceeded to use blocks to identify and compare the quantity. One friend was invited to give ‘presents’ (blocks) to two of his/her classmates. They have to give one friend more presents then the other. Fellow peers have to check if their friend have given the presents correctly. They cheered and motivated each other by clapping and say ‘Good Job’.

Children enjoyed the activity and showed a better understanding of the concept.

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Kueh Show and Tell

During Drama Session this week, teacher brought in all the Kuehs that we did at home with our parents! We were going to present our Kuehs to our peers. We were so excited and eager to show our creations to our fellow peers.

First, we needed to greet everyone. We then need to share with our peers the following information:

  • Whom we did it we
  • What are the names of the Kuehs
  • How we did it
  • What materials we used to make it

We also needed to comment on our friends’ creation. It was really nice to see all the different Kuehs made with different recycled materials. Some of us were shy but we cheered each other by clapping and giving positive comments.

Through this activity we are were able to foster self-confidence, language, listening skills and reflectiveness.


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batch_CIMG6442 batch_CIMG6445 batch_CIMG6457

batch_CIMG6446 batch_CIMG6456 batch_CIMG6458

batch_CIMG6451 batch_CIMG6459 batch_CIMG6460

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batch_IMG_1028 batch_IMG_1021 batch_IMG_1017

batch_IMG_1046 batch_IMG_1064 batch_IMG_1067

batch_IMG_1058 batch_IMG_1060 batch_IMG_1061

batch_IMG_1070 batch_IMG_1074 batch_IMG_1078

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