[Cookery] Baked Carrots

After the baked mushrooms last week, we attempted to bake some brown butter honey thyme carrots. Children first got to smell and feel the different ingredients one at a time and share their thoughts about them.

Below are some of the photos taken during the process:
batch_CIMG0192 batch_CIMG0196 batch_CIMG0205 batch_CIMG0211

Children also attempted to chop garlic, remove thyme leaves from their stems and putting the butter in the pan.
batch_CIMG0218 batch_CIMG0223

Prior to the melting of butter in the pan, children shared that the butter looked like play dough. When the melted butter was being shown to them, they shared that it looked like water. The term ‘melted’ was also introduced to them.
batch_CIMG0226 batch_CIMG0225

After which, we added in some honey and toss the baby carrots in the pan to cover them with the sauce.
batch_CIMG0230 batch_CIMG0236 batch_CIMG0241

Here a photo of the final product after it’s being baked in the oven for 20 minutes

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