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[Classroom] Big and Small

Children were being introduced to terms ‘big’ and ‘small’ this week. After singing a song together, they attempted to display their understanding towards the terms using their body.    Some similar items were then being shown to the children. After … Continue reading

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[Playdough] Baby Caterpillar

Who loves eating leaves? That’s right! It’s the caterpillar. With the rolling technique that was being introduced to the children, they attempted creating their own caterpillars by putting the balls of dough together. Below are some of the photos taken … Continue reading

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[Picasso] My bed of flowers – Soda bottle printing

“Who loves flowers?” “ME!” the children raised their hands as they replied. After the method was being demonstrated, children took turns to create their own bed of flowers with soda bottles as well as paint of different colours. With colours … Continue reading

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[Shakespeare] Yellow yo-yo man

Among the characters from Letterland, who loves yellow the most? After introducing the song of ‘Yellow Yo-yo Man’ to the children, most of them were able to tell that he makes the sound /y/. You can learn and sing along … Continue reading

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[Cookery] Baked Carrots

After the baked mushrooms last week, we attempted to bake some brown butter honey thyme carrots. Children first got to smell and feel the different ingredients one at a time and share their thoughts about them. Below are some of … Continue reading

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